About Us

Our goal is simple: to create a counterfiet free world.

You, just like us, have at one point or other must have been a victim of purchasing a counterfeit product, low quality fake with a brand label on it, or a perfume that just didn't live up to your expectations. Happens to all of us. It's incredibly frustrating to pay full price and get less than half the value. Don't you agree?

With NFTYZED.com, we have invented the solution to combat fake products across all industries once and for all. Leveraging the power of blockchain, you will get only the authentic, factory manufactured product forever. Scan the NFTYZED blockcode before your purchase and uncover the product's origins, how it got there on the shelf, and who it belongs to.

But the magic starts when you purchase the product. Our smart code will register you as the new owner and make it known on the blockchain. This way, every product is rendered unique and counterfeit free for life.

We live in a globalized village where brands lose hundreds of billions of dollars each year to fakes, cheap duplicates and counterfeits. And that loss is shared by you, the unsuspecting customer, who intends to purchase the real thing but gets a fake for your hard earned money. That ends today.

Welcome to NFTYZED.com. A world fake free world.